Connected Business POS: Suspend and Resume Sale Transactions

In Connected Business POS, suspending and resuming transactions are an option that is of great use for most retail business working with POS systems. If your customer has suddenly realized that she needs to add an item, you may suspend an active transaction which does not require any payment nor to be completed.

By suspending the current transaction, you can accommodate another transaction while keeping the previous transaction temporarily on hold. Retrieving the suspended sales order is the same as creating an existing sale transaction in which you can add or delete items to it, tender payments and complete the sale.

To suspend a transaction in the Connected Business POS, navigate toPOS then create an order or sales transaction. If you’re in the middle of adding items in the transaction, you can click on Complete button then click on Suspend button. (This process is entirely the same with the Connected Sale).

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Here are some of the reminders when suspending a sale transaction:

    • Suspended sales are unposted invoices which can only be voided in the Connected Business backend.
    • Note that if the Customer term is set to COD (Cash on Delivery), the suspension option is not allowed. The system will ask for the full payment of the balance to complete the transaction.
    • When a transaction is suspended, the quantities of an item included on the transaction are automatically considered as allocated until the sale is completed.
    • All Invoices that has freight tax added won’t be opened or loaded in the Connected Business POS.
    • All suspended sales are retained in the Connected Business POS system upon closing the drawer at the end of the day.
    • If you accidentally opened a wrong sale transaction, just click on the Void button to cancel the sale transaction, then go back to the list of Suspended Sales to retrieve the correct sale transaction.

You may retrieve the suspended sales by going to Transactions. Select an order you would like to complete and process the transaction. Click on the Resume button to open the order.

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For more information on this topic, please refer to the respective sections in the Desktop POS Transaction and Mobile POS Transaction online documentations.

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