Connected Business Introduces Hassle-Free Website Management With Web Admin Panel

Streamlining the look and content of your website has never been easier with Connected Business. Our proprietary content management feature called the Web Admin Panel provides remote access to your web store via your Internet browser. This means a tremendous amount of convenience since you'll be able to implement edits and monitor your site's status without needing to log into your Connected Business account.

This short presentation showcases the Wed Admin Panel features designed to anticipate your needs as an e-commerce company.



You only need to access to your assigned virtual directory (for example: as well as your username and password. All the changes that you will implement will then be reflected in real time. Functionalities available include:

Hassle-Free Web Editor

By accessing the Content Editor feature, you can change the look and feel of your website without the need to type a line of code. Upload new banners for seasonal sales and promotional events using a wide array of web editing tools.

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You can also toggle between Browse Mode and Design Mode to view your changes.

Real-Time Analytics of Web Store Transactions

The homepage of the Web Admin Panel gives you a snapshot of your webstore's activity, including the status of your product stocks, most recent web orders, generated revenue, and more. The refresh button on the upper right part of the widgets allows you to retrieve the latest data.

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Product Image Manager

Connected Business's e-commerce engine gives you full flexibility in the way that you present your products. This includes the option to upload different product images that are optimized for various platforms. You can then use the panel to resync your entire website's image cache to instantly reflect the changes.

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Watch this video for a more thorough overview of what the Web Admin Panel has to offer.

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