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Today's blog post is all about a recently-developed feature in Connected Business which showcases a vital role in billing shipment cost to customers, being the “Recipient” of the package, the Customer Recipient Billing option.

This option allows the user to enlist customers’ account number to their respective Ship To details along with the listed carriers, and automatically use it for charging shipment costs if necessary, making it beneficial for store owners in terms of keeping shipment billing references and records, as well as for common instances wherein customers have to shoulder the shipping expenses for their items.

This blog post will give you a walk-through on how to configure this option.

To use this option, you need to include the customer’s account number in the customer's Ship To details. Simply open the customer's Ship To detail form to select the carrier and input the account number on the Carrier section.

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Customers may use multiple account numbers to a specific carrier in the Carrier Account section.

Now that the account number is included, this will now be cached and associated with a specific carrier (as chosen by the customer) for future shipment reference and usage. This will be reflected on the Shipment form after creating a sales order or sales invoice. 

To use the customer's account in paying for the shipment, the Payor Type must be set to “Recipient” in the carrier Payment Informationof the Shipment form.

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This will now allow the system to automatically use the account number for billing the shipment costs whenever shouldered by the customer.

For more information on how to use this option, you can check the Customer Recipient Billing online documentation.

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