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As Connected Business experiences growth, we continually search for talented teams and individuals who may wish to become a Connected Business Partner. Before you say "I don't have the skills to be an ERP reseller" let's discuss the partner program in broad generalities and short descriptions.


Affiliate: A person who gives a lead to Connected Business. You do not have to foster the relationship with the prospect any further, just hand it off. You don't have to be in "sales" to make this work for you. You just have to know a few people. 


Reseller: A person/team that as the ability to explain how our software offerings could be used as a solution for a prospect. They may choose to use our internal sales team to assist with certain aspects of the demonstrations.


Implementer: A person/team that understands all aspects of being a reseller, and understands how to draw business setup requirements from a customer and implement the Connected Business solutions correctly.


Developer: A person/team that can enhance and/or customize the Connected Business solutions beyond what the built in tool-set allows.


Simply stated, we can have the best software on the planet at the most reasonable prices imaginable, but we may never reach the people you know in your local communities with one of our email blasts or conference calls. If this opportunity sounds like something you would like to learn more about, I ask that you send me an email. I would be glad to set a time with you to discuss the benefits of each program listed above and how we will help you succeed at whichever level you choose. Please visit our partner page for more information. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Curt Rice


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