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Today's blog post will talk about the new feature called the Job Manager. Very recently our developers have rolled-out this built-in plugin in the system where it allows you to schedule functions from all across the Connected Business modules, while you focus on other tasks at hand. It also allows users to leave recurring tasks to be automated while doing other functions as well, helping businesses create an environment of multi-taskers for better productivity.

The feature is complete with a set of powerful scheduling functions to help you plot more tasks and spend less time on repeating tasks. The Job Manager engine and this can be accessed from the System Manager of your Connected Business application.

The Job Manager can be easily accessed from the System Manager module.

To create a new Job Plan, click on Job Manager > Manage Job Plan then click on the New button. You will then be able to create a new job plan using the New Job Plan Wizard.

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The Job Managerrequires specific plug-ins for specific tasks. If you already have an existing plugin made you may now use and incorporate the plugin into the Job Manager. Otherwise, you may want to visit strong>our documentation to learn more about Connected BusinessPlug-ins.

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Upon completion of the New Job Plan Wizard you may now view the newly-created job plan from the list of job plans. Selecting it will show a form that displays the properties of the job plan.

You will need to approve the job plan first, though. From the list of job plans, put in a check mark on the IsApprovebox.

There are some more steps to undertake for you to complete the job plan activation, and this article just about helps you with that: Manage Job Plans.

Have you seen the first screenshot in this article that shows the calendar? Its function is to consolidate all scheduled job plans and set them all to action. Check out the Job Calendar to read more about the Job Schedule function.

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