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On this latest blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Business’ Auto Stock Allocation, a latest automated function in POS which allows stock adjustments for items that are short on quantity when creating transactions. 

In the previous versions of Connected Business and Connected Sale, an order/sales transaction cannot be completed if the item’s stock quantity is less than the customer’s number of order. 

As a result, store owners and admin users will have to manually adjust the stock from the Inventory module to complete the transaction, as well as to avoid further discrepancies. Enabling this function will be a great use for web store owners for cross-checking/tallying the actual number of stocks on hand from the number of stocks on record. 

Here’s a quick walk-through on how this works.

First thing you need to configure is to disable the Stock Level parameter from the Connected Business backend to unhide the Auto Stock Allocation button on your POS dashboard. You can access this by going to Customer module > Setup >Preferences and uncheck the Ignore Stock Levels on Allocation option.

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Once this is done, the Auto Stock Allocation button is all set for use. Whenever a customer buys an item that does not have enough stocks on record, the POS will automatically allocate the item by adjusting the stock upon creating the transaction.

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A receipt will be issued, confirming that the order/sales transaction for the item has been made to the customer.

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Meanwhile, to avoid further stock disputes and other repercussions, the Auto Stock Allocation function limits its use for POS users with Admin Roles. Though, the accessibility of this function is limited, non-admin users can still proceed with the transaction, given the approval of an administrator through an override login.

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For further reading about this POS function, refer to the Auto Allocate Stocks Online Documentation.

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