Add Calculated Fields in your Report

Connected Business adds Calculated Fields in the Report Center to help users create a sensible and entirely new data field (without delving into lengthy programming codes) to meet their business needs. This is an advanced feature where you can create expressions using pre-recorded functions, mathematical operators, data fields, constants and parameters that allows you to analyze and manipulate bunch of data.

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Basically, a calculated field is a user defined field in a report where it can perform calculations based from the existing data fields in the source table and other available functions. With Connected Business, you can easily create and add calculated fields through the Design Report form as seen on the screenshot below. You can add a calculated field by clicking Fields tab from the Design Report form ► Add Calculated Fields (just below the Available fields). Add a Calculated Field by clicking on the + button then click on the Expression found at the lower left part of the Calculated fields window.

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When creating a calculated field, you can now select which functions and specific fields you want to calculate. This feature is very powerful in the sense that you can extract meaningful information based on the data you have and the way you want the result would be.

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To know more about Calculated Fields, visit the Add Calculated Fieldsonline documentation for more details.

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