Online retail rides the Cyber Monday wave

Black Friday is still the most awaited day in the retail calendar, but businesses have been pushing to include more targeted marketing efforts for other days of the holiday season. Enter Cyber Monday, a day characterized by a frenzy of online shopping on the Monday after Thanksgiving Weekend. [..]

Adapt Your Retail Process to the New Buyer's Journey

Among the many game-changers that the Internet has initiated in our lives is the shift of proactive power in retail. Businesses can no longer create a single sales journey that applies for all customers, beginning with top-down marketing and ending at the cash register. Instead, buyers shape their [..]

How tablets can enhance the in-store shopping experience

The rise of mobile device sales is showing no signs of slowing down, with global research firm Forrester predicting that 60% of North American online consumers will own a tablet by 2017. Their report also indicates that the tablet may end up becoming a "mainstay device" worldwide, a label tha [..]

How to Use a Gift Card or Certificate at a POS

Gift Cards and gift certificates are becoming trendy gift options, especially during the holiday season. With gift cards, there is no need to return items to the store if they're in the wrong size or the wrong color! The people receiving the gift have total control of what they get. Conne [..]

How To Process Online Payments From Your Webstore

Connected Business's powerful eCommerce platform makes it possible for you to deliver an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. You can now integrate a wide range of payment processes into your webstore, including the ability to process online payments through your site. To [..]

How to Use Virtual Pages for Effective Advertising

Connected Business 14 allows you to create virtual pages for your webstore where you can curate different products in a single screen without reorganizing your existing product inventory. These virtual pages are ideal for promoting exciting deals, seasonal offerings, sales and more. You can cr [..]

Send Single Shipping Notification For Multiple Shipments

Customers want the ability to keep track of their shipments, but they also don't want the inconvenience of receiving multiple notifications that can clutter the email inbox. In Connected Business 14, you can streamline this process by creating notifications that list all the package details in [..]

Release Notes! Connected Business 14.0.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 14.0.2Release Date: 07-30-2014 IMPROVED PERFORMANCE!!! We really focused on performance on this release, and it shows when working with large volumes of data. POS USERS - This is a major performance upgrade. The POS will now open the cash drawer and print [..]