How To Create and Apply Credit Memos

Create and apply Credit Memos with Connected Business using the ERP, Ecommerce, or Point of Sale. Connected Business has two steps to the Credit Memo process. The Credit Memo is created for a specific customer and then the credit created for that customer is applied to a specific invoice or multipl [..]

Cool Tools For Designing Your eCommerce Site

Connected Business eCommerce uses some of the new technologies brought about by the emergence HTML5 and CSS3 to improve your and your customers' web experience. eCommerce merchants looking to further personalize their site. Here are some tools you can use, which requires minimal understanding of web [..]

What You Might Not Know About CB: Topic Tokens

The powerful eCommerce platform from Connected Business is designed to offer great flexibility when it comes to tailoring web stores' look and feel. We have already discussed some pre-designed tokens and how they can be applied to web pages. Check out our blog post for a lesson on web tokens and how [..]

Introducing Priority Orders

Priority order is a new feature available in Connected Business 15 that allows your business to offer expedited processing and faster delivery for an additional charge. By setting up priority orders, your business can deliver more options to your customers and add value to their shopping experienc [..]

What You Might Not Know About CB: How To Code Tokens For Your Web Store

Skin tokens are short codes that can help you further customize your eCommerce site. We've written an introductory blog post on skin tokens, including information on which files to modify when adding the codes. For this topic, we are further breaking down the various types of skin tokens that a [..]

What You Might Not Know About CB: Skin Tokens

Optimizing customer experience goes beyond delivering an efficient and robust checkout, payment, and shipping experiences for the consumer. It is also important to engineer a pleasant and intuitive shopping journey as they navigate through your site. According to DazeInfo, eCommerce merchants [..]

Release Notes for Connected Business 15

Release Notes for Connected Business 15 Release Date: 07-01-2015 New Features Enhancements What's Improved New Features and Key Benefits eCommerce New! Support for Matrix Group as Bundle Components in Bundle Items. You can now include matrix items in your bundle items. [..]