Address Type Now Included in Major Entity Forms

Shipping carriers charge different shipping rates based on the type of delivery address. You may be wondering what address type your customer has. With the Address Type feature in Connected Business, you can specify your customers address type whether its residential or commercial. With this, shipp [..]

Automate Tasks with Connected Business' Job Manager

Today's blog post will talk about the new feature called the Job Manager. Very recently our developers have rolled-out this built-in plugin in the system where it allows you to schedule functions from all across the Connected Business modules, while you focus on other tasks at h [..]

Super Tooltips - Give Your Customers Insights on Your Forms

Good day everyone! Have you ever encountered a fill-out form with fields that you don't know what they're for? It's like you are reduced to assuming what the fields are for based on context clues and the field labels. More often than not, you'd want all users to understand the fields they [..]

Get the Correct Freight with the Dynamic Kit Weight

Having trouble calculating the realtime shipping cost for kit items with varying weights? No worries! Introducing the Connected Business Dynamic Kit Weight feature. Now, you can use the actual combined weight of your selected kit items in calculating your shipping cost instead of th [..]

Add Zoom Effects to Your Web Product Images

The best way to display products on a website is to add special effects on your product images. With Connected Business you can enhance online shopping experience with a spectacular and striking product display. The Image Zoom Option in Connected Business lets you create an enlarged and magnified d [..]

Product Sorting Option Now Added in Connected Business

Hello Everyone! We are very happy to share a new feature that will definitely be of great help for your website viewers when shopping online. For your customer to experience the best and easy way to find the products they want , your website needs to have the a sorting capability of hundreds of your [..]

Increase Business Sales with the Store Locator Map

We will take a look at another new feature of Connected Business where customers/clients can easily locate and buy items in the actual locations of your store as well as dealers who live nearby. The Store/Location Map allows you to navigate to your desired destination by searching for the address an [..]