Voiding Posted Invoices

We are very excited to share with you a very helpful feature, Voiding a Posted Sales Invoice is now supported in Connected Business. Let's say you had posted an invoice into the general ledger but you want to void it. No worries, with Connected Business you can now have the option to void a posted s [..]

Manage Reports with ease using the Report Explorer

Good day everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to make the most out of your Connected Business Report Center. Inside this powerful module is a search engine that works to sort every report-worthy information and lists them down for you for easy searching. All your report records can be accesse [..]

Inventory Special Order Attributes Enhancement

We have created a powerful new feature designed for companies that do special orders for items with various designs, colors, sizes, etc. This new feature greatly simplifies the taking of the order, and the creation of the purchase order associated with the special order. Lets get started... Suppos [..]

Set Notes in Advance using the Predefined Notes

Hello Everyone! Today, I will be sharing a very useful feature to be used on many forms of Connected Business. Predefined Note, is a tool that allows you to conveniently and automatically include preset comments or instructions through notes. With this feature, you don't need to type information or [..]

Sneak Peek: The Connected Business Report Center

Unlike other enterprise software in the market, Connected Business has an integrated module that carries in itself powerful reporting capabilities called the Report Center. Click Image to Enlarge Creating new reports from scratch are also very intuitively-designed as you will be guided caref [..]

Creating Search Screens Made Easier with the Search Manager

Hello everyone! As many of you would like to know how the Connected Business' Search Manager works, this blog post is for you. The Search Manager has been developed to help businesses or individuals create their own, customized data to be viewed easily within Connected Business. For instance, if yo [..]

Automate Tasks with Connected Business Job Manager

Today's blog post will talk about the new feature called the Job Manager. Very recently our developers have rolled-out this built-in plugin in the system where it allows you to schedule functions from all across the Connected Business modules, while you focus on other tasks at hand. It also allows u [..]

Maximize Customizability with User Roles

Hello! Before I discuss the feature I wish to discuss today, I would like you to register for our Connected Business Community.It's a good place for Connected Business users to interact with each other. I hope to see you in the network! User Accounts for Solid Customization At one po [..]

Force Voiding a Shipment Tracking Number

Last time, I have shared a unique feature called the Will Call option. If you have not yet read about this blog, you might want to refer to Will Call Option - Pick Up Your Orders Directly From the Location. As a brief recall on this feature, it would now allow customers to pick up their ordered item [..]