Negative Quantity Entries on Customer Transactions

Many of today’s businesses require the entry of negative quantities on sales orders or invoices for reversing sales transactions. For today’s blog post, we will show a sample illustration as to how a non-stock item and service item types with negative quantity creates an impact on the sa [..]

Enhanced! Filtering Data in Business Intelligence Manager

Having a large chunk of data to collect, organize and maintain is a big hurdle for anyone. Every day we get to meet different sets of information that needs to be analyzed at a later time for business strategies. With today’s current technology, nothing beats having a business intelligence tha [..]

The Report Center Tools

The Connected Business' Reports Center is built to be fully customizable. Every report you can come up with it can be personalized with a set of built-in tools. From these set of tools you can design any type of report; include pivot grids and charts, layout colored panels and place additional data [..]

Post Transactions Automatically To Your General Ledger

Hello Everyone! Today I will be sharing another feature that will help you out in posting transactions automatically to your General Ledger. The Auto Post Transactions to Ledger option in the Accounting module lets you automatically post all transactions to the current period and directly to the Gen [..]

Direct Payment within Order and Invoice Forms

Create Payments Faster through Paying within Sales Order / Invoice Form The Connected Business team never stops creating and developing more substantial features. We are constantly developing our product in order for you to maximize business potential in getting sales and profits as well as keep yo [..]

Creating Reports with the Report Wizard

Good day! Today I'm going to discuss about one of the easy ways to create reports in using the Report Wizard in Connected Business. The Report Wizard makes it really simple for you to create reports by following a series of steps that lets you put in data sources from all throughout the Connected Bu [..]

Voiding Posted Invoices

We are very excited to share with you a very helpful feature, Voiding a Posted Sales Invoice is now supported in Connected Business. Let's say you had posted an invoice into the general ledger but you want to void it. No worries, with Connected Business you can now have the option to void a posted s [..]

Manage Reports with ease using the Report Explorer

Good day everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to make the most out of your Connected Business Report Center. Inside this powerful module is a search engine that works to sort every report-worthy information and lists them down for you for easy searching. All your report records can be accesse [..]

Inventory Special Order Attributes Enhancement

We have created a powerful new feature designed for companies that do special orders for items with various designs, colors, sizes, etc. This new feature greatly simplifies the taking of the order, and the creation of the purchase order associated with the special order. Lets get started... Suppos [..]