Website Mini Cart Preview

Connected Business has provided a solution to increase online retailers’ website conversion rate, which means turning more online shoppers into one of your most loyal customers, through the use of a mini cart. This feature which uses an advanced and cutting-edge technology will definitely attr [..]

New! Built-in Image Editor for eCommerce

Basic image editing can now be done within Connected Business using the Image Editor form. With this tool, you may now be able to do a very light modification on your images such as resizing images automatically or manually, crop item images with ease or even rotate them at any angle. It’s so [..]

Binding Reports to Connected Business Forms

Connected Business lets you create an environment with automated, seamless business processes. Today we are going to discuss about an intuitive feature of the Report Center that lets you bind reports to almost any form in Connected Business. The Bind to Form option lets you tie up a report to a fo [..]

User SO Notification Over Changes in Stock Allocation

Hello Everyone! Today’s post will talk about a new feature where the user will be notified when there are changes in item allocation on the sales order and the picking ticket is already printed. This feature is applicable for those who have customer orders where the allocated quantity cannot f [..]

Process Direct Refund in Interprise Gateway v2.0

The Interprise Gateway 2.0 in Connected Business now enables processing of customer credit card refund. To be able to use this feature, the blind functionality must be enabled in the merchant account. You need to contact Transnational to enable Blind Credit. Before you can [..]

Release Notes! Connected Business 13

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.0 Release Date: 02-13-2013 If you have not yet read the software upgrade considerations, click here. New Features and Key Benefits eCommerce CRM Customer Shipping Supplier Inventory Banking Accounting System Manager Report Center Database C [..]

Software Upgrade Considerations

This document was designed to help users upgrading from Interprise Suite 6.0.9 to Connected Business 13. It includes several “tips and tricks” for the upgrade as well as any changes that will affect the product usage after the upgrade. While we have tested the software thoroughly [..]

Advanced Report Creation through Subreports

The Report Center in Connected Business is completely built from the ground up that allows businesses and organizations to create from simple to advanced reports and keep them abreast in the competition. In an intuitive reporting environment, we are introducing a very substantial feature called t [..]

Drop Ship Order Enhancement

In this blog post, I will be sharing about a new process on how stock reservation works for Drop Ship Orders that has adjustments on the ordered and reserved quantities as well as voiding drop ship orders. With the emerging use of internet technology, many small retailers and website storefronts le [..]

Percent Variance now Available in Accounting Module!

Looking at the differences on the actual financial results against the budgeted amounts is crucial for businesses. That is why having a variance analysis tool is as equally important in maintaining financial health of your business. To address this need, Connected Business adds up Variance in Percen [..]