When things go bad

I want to put as much of a positive spin on this blog as i can. But sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow. The Connected Business support team had a long time 'self hosted' customer call us with the words no support person wants to hear... "... company down". The customer experienced a power [..]

Customize the Look of Your Webpage

In Connected Business 13, you can change the website skin from simple to advanced modifications to suit the needs of your business. The default skin used on your website is primarily set up from the eCommerce module’s application configuration, the DefaultSkinID. Skin IDs, which can ra [..]

Stock Allocation Improvement During Order Entry

In Connected Business 13, we have greatly improved the stock allocation process during entry of ordered item quantities.This enhancement mainly focuses on the stock allocation process when the Ignore Stock Levels on Allocation is enabled. In Interprise Suite 6.0, upon creating an order, [..]

Back Order Management in Supplier Module

Similar to customer back orders, Connected Business has provided a way for you to allow back orders from your suppliers. The system is now able to automatically complete a Purchase Order regardless if the quantity received is less than the outstanding ordered quantity. This gives you the flexibil [..]

New! Support for Multiple Product Identifier per Item

Speed up your sales process by making use of unique identifiers for your products. In Connected Business, you can add as many identifiers for a specific item through the Product Identifier section in the item form. You can edit these identifiers (if in case they’re updated) and even delete i [..]

Engage Your Online Customers via Live Technical Support!

Deliver an outstanding and fast customer service to your online customers by addressing their problems, realtime! The Live Customer Support along with Connected Business eCommerce Support page is an initiative to help quickly resolve any online customer issues by speaking to a live technical r [..]

New! XML Package Layouts for Matrix Items

An attractive and effective product display makes online shoppers buy more items on your website. To enhance how items are displayed in your product page, the Connected Business team has created more elegant and stylish XML package designs applicable for matrix items. Promoting on-hand products with [..]

Enable Your Website's Mobile Version for Selected Devices

Great day everyone! Today's technological advancement moves us from the era of accessing the World Wide Web from the desktop to mobile devices. Such devices like tablets and smartphones are key to one's mobility. These are viable tools for businessmen to always be ready to close a sale wher [..]