Streamlined Sales Tax Report Creation

Your business doesn't have to be stumped in creating Sales Tax reports. Your business doesn't have to endure the lengthy data-mining and processing and the tedious complexities of report-creation when you have in your hands a powerful solution to sales tax report compliance. Grant yourself [..]

Support for Zip+4 Taxation

Sales tax rates vary widely across the nation with hundreds of thousands of special taxing jurisdictions being implemented. While ZIP codes are well established, most tax jurisdictions do not follow tax rates using only ZIP codes. With all these changes, businesses are required to keep up to date [..]

Enhanced Financial Statement Views

How your accounts are presented in a report is an important aspect of financial reporting. To address concerns of users in having flexibility when viewing financial statements, we present an enhancement in the Accounting module that allows consistent presentation of financial reports. This allows [..]

Inventory Revaluation by Location

The Stock Revaluation routine in Connected Business is added with a new option wherein you can now revaluate stocks on a location basis. The Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Control Accounts used from the current location can now be adjusted and transferred to another location where transactions a [..]

New! Location-based Financial Analysis

To gain better understanding of your business’ financial health, you need to understand the figures in your financial statements through your company accounts. This serves as indicators on the overall performance of your business. We have added a new feature to bring the most accurate inform [..]

Keep Track of Sales Transactions with Audit Trails

Great day everyone! As your business operates day by day, it is important to keep track of audit trails that involves all sales transactions transpired to and from the system on a regular basis. With a good audit trail, you know what is happening in and out of your business in order to addr [..]

Easily Migrate Reports into Connected Business

There are a lot of features inside the Reports Center that have robust capabilities in making your report-making processes a lot easier. Our Report Migration Tool is an automated tool that reduces time and effort to move reports from one system to another thereby no additional cost is in [..]

New! Letter-Sized Receipt for All POS Transaction Types

Aside from the usual receipt size of POS transactions, we made it sure to add flexibility on how you want the receipts to look like when printed in every workstation. To apply a specific page receipt layout on a transaction, click on Preferences then select Reports. In the Rep [..]