Send Split Email Attachments

Hi everyone! Having confusions when it comes to sending batch after batch of report attachments via email can be a stressful task. Usually, this causes email flooding, errors, inadvertent sending of wrong attachments to recipients, document duplicates, all of which could equate to confidentiality [..]

Bill Shipment Cost to Customers

Greetings and Salutations!Today's blog post is all about a recently-developed feature in Connected Business which showcases a vital role in billing shipment cost to customers, being the “Recipient” of the package, the Customer Recipient Billing option.This option allows the u [..]

Manage Activities with the CRM Follow Up Form

Hi everyone! In handling business plans, schedules and priority tasks, it is always a plus point for you to keep the involved parties updated and in-the-know of the activity’s status. We all agree this is oftentimes painstaking, yet tremendously effective.That’s why Connected Business [..]

Unique Check Numbers Validation

Greetings and salutations, business-frenzy folks! Today, we will be discussing yet another great feature in Connected Business! Oftentimes, it becomes more and more confusing to keep track of the piled up accounting work in your business, that it gets harder for you to manage your payment commitm [..]

Use Item Price as Kit Price for Kit Items

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post will talk about another enhancement feature in Connected Business. Introducing, the Customer Pricing for Kit Items option! This recently-added feature showcases its ability to customize, manage, adjust and use item pricing for the kit comp [..]

Print Multiple Shipping Labels At Once

Hi everyone! In today's blog post, I will be sharing to you another great feature in Connected Business. In the retail or wholesale industry, it is important to have an efficient packing and shipping system. In line with this, having the ability to print shipment labels faster allows you to fulfi [..]

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2.1

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2.1Release Date: 07-02-2013 New Features Enhancements What's Improved Known Issues and Limitations Additional minimum requirements:* Browser: IE 9* Operating System: Windows VistaFor more information, please r [..]

Connected Business at the 2013 Internet Retailer Conference

Earlier this month, we attended the internet retailer show in Chicago. It’s always nice to do a show like this as it allows us to meet with many of our current customers, future customers, and partners. It also gives us a chance to see what our competition is up to. It always amazes me how man [..]

Setting Maximum Package Weight for Shipping Orders

The Shipping module in Connected Business has included a key feature, the Weight Threshold option that has the ability to enter a maximum weight threshold and have the system split the realtime shipping rate carrier requests based from the defined weight threshold. One good exmaple on th [..]