Loyalty Points - Reward Your Customers

Hi everyone! Today we will go over one of Connected Business’ more rewarding features – Loyalty Points! Basically, Loyalty Points are a number of points a customer earns after purchasing an item. The number of points is set by the store owner and is generally based on the a [..]

Filter Value Now Required When Printing Reports

In previous implementation of printing reports in Connected Business, clicking Print will print all records based on the default data source in the filter. Click Image to Enlarge This allows the customer to easily print all records without having to define any values in the filter [..]

Preventable mistakes made when selecting your next ERP

Reasons for comparing ERP solutions You, as the prospect company, have done your homework... probably with your team. You should have set functional analysis points, set priorities of features needed, and selected the list of initial vendors you wish to engage with. I suspect you will find all vend [..]

Becoming a Connected Business Partner

  As Connected Business experiences growth, we continually search for talented teams and individuals who may wish to become a Connected Business Partner. Before you say "I don't have the skills to be an ERP reseller" let's discuss the partner program in broad generalities and short desc [..]

Show Running POS Transaction via Secondary Display

Good day, everyone!On this blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Sale Mobile’s Secondary Display feature. Mainly, the secondary display is a mirror image of a primary POS workstation to allow customers to view their items on hand, as well as running transactions upon payment. [..]

Notify Customers on Item Price Drop via Email

Greetings, business folks!At its simplest form, notifications play a very integral role in running virtually all kind of business, be it online stores, banking, etc. That is why for this blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Business’ Price Drop Notification, a feature t [..]

Allocate Stocks Automatically in POS

A pleasant day, business folks! On this latest blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Business’ Auto Stock Allocation, a latest automated function in POS which allows stock adjustments for items that are short on quantity when creating transactions. In the previous v [..]

Send Split Email Attachments

Hi everyone! Having confusions when it comes to sending batch after batch of report attachments via email can be a stressful task. Usually, this causes email flooding, errors, inadvertent sending of wrong attachments to recipients, document duplicates, all of which could equate to confidentiality [..]

Bill Shipment Cost to Customers

Greetings and Salutations!Today's blog post is all about a recently-developed feature in Connected Business which showcases a vital role in billing shipment cost to customers, being the “Recipient” of the package, the Customer Recipient Billing option.This option allows the u [..]